Learning To Play The Guitar

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Music is the food for the soul. Man has learned to appreciate the melodious sound coming from a musical instrument for thousands of years. There are many ways men has learned to produce melodies from different materials – by strumming strings, tapping surfaces and blowing tubes. Out of these discoveries came various musical instruments.

The guitar is a stringed instrument that consists of a soundboard and a long straight neck. There are many theories of its beginnings. The word guitar can be traced from the Spanish word “quitarra” and the Greek word “kitahara”. The instrument has evolved through times but its basic parts remains, only the number of strings that were attached changes – from two to six or more. Today’s standard guitar has six strings.

Like all musical instrument, playing a guitar is a relaxing activity – a good way to pass the time just listening to the melody it produces when alone. A guitar on hand is also a good activity with friends close by whiling away the time or during a jamming session.

Learning to play the guitar is easy, as well as getting some good guitar lessons at http://www.guitarspark.com/online-guitar-lessons/. The left hand is used for the fretboard and the right hand for strumming the strings. At the beginning, start with the five basic chords. The chords are the musical notes of the guitar that produces the melody. These chords are G, C, D, E minor and A minor.

Practice forming the chords with your left hand and strumming the guitar to hear the sound each produces. The best way to do this is to spend at least thirty minutes each day practicing until you can form the basic chord with ease. To do this, form the left hand to the correct chord pattern and press the fingers firmly. Your fingers may hurt at first, but soon they will get used to it. After mastering the basic chord patterns you can advance to other chord patterns for a more complex melodies.

The rhythm of the guitar music is done by the right hand strumming the strings of the guitar. There are many techniques to strumming. Plucking the right combination of strings is one of them. You can learn things like this in Jamorama’s online course: guitarspark.com/online-guitar-lessons/jamorama-review/

After making your hands form the chords easily and learning a few strumming techniques, then advance to practicing your skill with songs that have simple chords like country music, like a John Denver song.

Musical talent is developed and enriched by practice, like any skill it has to be honed by hard work and discipline. So practice and spend a good deal of time to make that perfect sound really pleasing to the ears.